Mor Balalty Architects

We work quietly...
Our success makes the noise

Mor balalty, fisherman, sailor, culinary, skiing and music .
I experience life through people and fulfill their desires needs and thoughts in concrete, iron and paint.

I graduated of architecture from the technical universitiy of Darmstadt in Germany, and a lifelong internship that has not yet ended…

The firm’s success left a huge footprint in the planning of neighborhoods in Israel and spectacular projects abroad.

Mor’s office designs in the most original way any kind of place that people use – houses, neighborhoods, offices, synagogues, restaurants and finally… even cemeteries.

The firm’s excellence stems from constant exposure to everything that happens in the world of design, in terms of global projects, and this in order to reach a clear understanding of creating a high-quality and perfect space and how to tailor it to each client in a precise connection between budget and result.

Mor Balalty Architects office is completely digital and uses the top existing software, but it is not fixed to a certain style even though all its projects are characterized by a lot of style.

Worldview: “We will work quietly… Our success will make a noise”