“My architectural way of thinking is not “thinking out of the box” , but there is no box ! Everything is possible!”

I found my passion for architecture already in high school during the ninth grade classes.
Since i finished my study in the technical universitiy of Darmstadt in Germany i work, live and breath architecture every day.

Mor Balalty Architect
Mor provides consulting services and final concept for projects and initiatives, both in construction and in the field of entrepreneurship and marketing of real estate , under the strict European standard of work and painstaking .
Mor Balalty Architect - מור בללטי אדריכלים


The firm deals with all areas of architectural design with an emphasis on green building, energy efficiency and recycling materials and in addition collaborates closely with leading developers of green building technologies in Germany and initiator of the present private sector projects and business.

From the clear knowledge that all our clients understand the Ministries of Construction decided to accompany these clients through all stages of the construction, negotiation and representation contracts with the contractors and suppliers, thus providing them with safety professional throughout.